My Dream Bass Fodera Ying Yang

Dear friend :-),

I call you a friend, since you already made it here. There’s this Dream Bass from Fodera Guitars that I really admire. I love my Höfner, but I can’t, for example play Solos so good, since the fret intonation after the 8th freet is not really clean :-(. I really like to make a better progress. I mean, I still practise them even with that sound, but still…

When you like my music, or you think I am an Artist that should be supported and that should make it to the next level, I would feel very happy in getting a little support from you, so I can finally get my Dream Bass someday.

This year I am celebrating my 40th Birthday. I think it would be the greatest gift of all to collect as much as I need to buy that beautiful Bass from Fodera Guitars.

Here’s the Bass in all it’s Beauty 🙂

Kirprenses Dream Bass Support

Thank you so much for your kind support and donation. It is honored and seen. Surely I will let you listen to my upcoming Album first as well. Just write in the Notes „Yes, I want to listen to it first“.