Wisdom is…

Wisdom is…

Wisdom is,

above any Borders,

above any Clouds,

it’s Universal and so, so

hard to reach.

Wisdom is,

Words your Mom can tell you,

it has no such thing to value,

it is so hard to talk about or preach.

Wisdom is,

more than a Million Words can say,

it’s more than getting down and pray,

cause Mortality and Morality are transcend.

Wisdom is,

above Love and War,

above the Moon and Northstar,

above the heavenly Melody,

that comes from within so far.

Wisdom is…

Freedom of the Mind,

Freedom for every Kind,

Freedom without even one Speech.

Wisdom is…

Freedom of the Soul,

Freedom on the Go,

Let Wisdom unfold,

Let Wisdom role.

Wisdom is Freedom…

that’s all it is…