Source of Creation

What are we made of?

What is our Heart about?

Where do the Cells lead?

Why is there a Universe?

Who was the first to see?

Who was the first to serve?

Why are black Clouds here?

Why do we sometimes get hurt?

Who did created Culture?

Who was the first HUMAN Existence at all?

Where did Mother EARTH come from?

Why is Life so much about Words?

I love seeing all these Questions,

I love trying to Answer them as well,

I see Wisdom inside everyone’s Eyes,

even when they think they are full of Sins and a bad Spell.

I am not holy, I am only human,

my cause on this Planet is only to serve,

the next coming Generations,

tell them something about Mother EARTH.

The Source of this Universe was some big Explosion,

The Source of Culture is HUMAN Mankind,

there was no one the first in this Battle,

Times ENDLESS so what’s it worth to fight?