Peaceful Warrior

No matter how much of a peace striving activist you are, there can always come a point where it is needed to fight to resist and protect your family, even when it means to fight with your teeth cause your arms and legs are gone.


Sharpening my mind,
sharpening my blade,
always ready to protect,
my family like a sage.
Feeling so in insecure,
still trusting myself in rage,
ready to start the fight,
like a dog in a Cage.
The essence of fighting,
is to create freedom within,
no matter how much „evil“spreads,
or planets do spin.
I lay down in my very own sin,
Pray and go on my knees
put my head on my chin,
to transform again and again.
My forehead is vibrating,
Preparing every move,
every coexistence pops up,
in their own groove.
Sitting on a flower,
that blossoms even in war,
fighting without arms and legs,
like a mindless being on a star.
every sinner can turn to a sage
Through the seven doors by love or rage.