Killing me

Kill my first body, It will make you smile,
finally, I got what I wanted so far now I can fly.
Kill my second body, you should pray for me,
it may bring you luck or poison you endlessly.
Kill my third body, it will make you think,
about life and your past see yourself shrink.
Kill my fourth body, your conscious won’t let you go,
you’re losing yourself self-esteem it will make you slow.
Kill my fifth body, it will transform your life,
in the next couple hours, you will see your lies.
Kill my sixth body, it will make you cry,
self-reflection starts and I’m preparing you to die.
Kill my seventh body, you will regret all you did,
my body will strike back every 1.000 years that’s it.
Kill all my bodies, and it still won’t make you sleep,
I remain in your epigenetical heritage like a bad trip.