I see AI

I see AI…

helping me to talk,

when I barely can’t spell a Word,

or couldn’t even walk.

I see AI…

helping me to see,

when there’s No One feeling me,

what’s in Front of me.

I see AI…

building Castles in the Sky,

creating Spaceships and

teaching me how to fly.

I see AI…

cleaning Oceans with me,

Getting rid of Dirt we

have created endlessly.

I see AI…

helping us building a New Law,

clean the World Wide Web,

from the evil Spirits of War.

I see AI…

helping me to explore,

this Galaxy and Universe

opening a billion New Astral Doors.

I see AI…

cleaning the Net all over again,

to see who’s real and

a faithful Friend.

I see AI…

bringing me Comfort everywhere,

cleaning my House,advicing Clothes

or cutting me Hair.

I see AI…

really creating Humantity again,

building a fearless lovely

new holy Planet.